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2015 Wilier complete bicycles are all in stock!.  Beautiful bikes at amazing prices!

Zero 7 Dura-Ace Complete – $6,999.99

Cento 1SR Ultegra Complete – $4,999.99

Cento1 Air Ultegra Complete - $4,999.99

Zero 9 Ultegra Complete – $3,699.99

GTR Ultegra Complete – $2,899.99




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Just a few 2014 road bicycles left – these models/colours continue into 2015, so get a deal on them while you can!

Bianchi Intenso 105 Complete (50,55, 57, black only) – $2,299.99 (regular $2,599.99)

Bianchi Sempre Pro Ultegra Complete (50, 57, 59) – $3,399.99 (regular $3,599.99)

The Demo Wilier Izoard XP (59) is still here – brand new Shimano wheels and 105 group – $1,500.00

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We have selected our bicycle brands based on the following criteria:

1. History & Experience – we have chosen brands that have been producing road bicycles for several years and have unparalelled experience with both the design of frame geometries & tubing.  Bianchi is  the worlds oldest bicycle manufacturer (Est. 1885) and invented the two wheel bicycle as we know it today Cinelli, & Wilier have made significant contributions to cycling over the past 75 years.

2. Style & Performance – each of our brands are engaged in the design of thier own bicycle frames.  They are not marketing companies buying bare frames designed by others and simply decaling and painting them.  Why does this matter? Well this is where history and experience come into play.  Decades of experience result in a better engineered frame for you. Looking for superior handling, increased stifness, faster, lighter, comfort on difficult terrain – our brands offer a range of bikes that will accommodate your riding needs with no compromises on aesthetics.

3. Quality Control – consumers are now aware that almost all of todays bicycle companies subcontract their carbon frame building, in some cases even painting & assembly, to either Taiwain or China. We look to brands that have a proven track record when it comes to consistency of workmanship along with a history of very few warranty claims.

The classic styling of a Cinelli Strato, trademark Celeste paint on a Bianchi Oltre or the cutting edge engineeering of a Wilier Zero 7, there is no denying that we have chosen some of the most significant brands in cycling, past and present.  The history and culture embedded in these brands has drawn those passionate about cycling to seek out the unique and beautiful qualities these brands have to offer.  These are not just brands – these are family names, the roots of the romaticism of cycling.

At Strada Cycles, we sell what we love and choose to ride.